Bragg Mutual FCU
Bragg Mutual FCU

Master Savings Account

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The Bragg Mutual Federal Credit Union Master Savings Account is, in essence, a savings account. By opening a Master Savings Account with Bragg Mutual FCU, you establish membership and become part owner of your financial cooperative. The Master Savings Account, therefore, is the foundational account upon which Bragg Mutual FCU is built. In order to open this account and establish membership, we require only $20.00 in cash – $15.00 is a one time membership fee, and $5.00 remains in the Account at all times in order to keep your membership active. The Master Share Account allows our members access to all benefits Bragg Mutual FCU offers.  To qualify for dividends, an average daily balance of $300 or more in the Master Savings Account must be met. Dividends are paid quarterly.



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