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Are You Buying a New Car? Read This!

Purchasing a new vehicle is a significant financial decision that requires proper planning ahead of time. Here are some tips to help you save big on your next ride.

Determine Your Budget

To save money when buying a car, always begin the process with a budget in mind. The budget should factor in the entire cost of the vehicle including interest rate, extra features, insurance, sales tax, and registration fees. That way, you’ll stay grounded even if a car salesman tries to get you to test drive a car that’s out of your budget.

Look At Your Down Payment

Ultimately, the more money you can come up with on your own, the better the deal. Cars are depreciating assets, which means it’s best to make a bigger down payment so that you can pay off your auto loan as quickly as possible. With a shorter loan term, you’ll be paying a little less in monthly payments and will get the car paid off faster in the long-run.

Compare Prices at Multiple Dealerships

Before you head out looking for a car, make sure you check prices online at several dealerships to have an idea of what you can expect to get for your price range. Knowing the price points of what’s available on the market can raise your chances of getting the best deal for your money.

Visit Bragg Mutual For Your Auto Loan

When obtaining credit to fund the purchase of the car, visit your lender to see what sort of rates and terms you can get for an auto loan. You want to feel confident that you are getting a great rate. Bragg Mutual FCU offers the most competitive rates in the industry*. Get in touch with us at 910-222-1500 to learn how to apply for a pre-approved auto loan.

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