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Open a Vacation Club Account and Plan Your Next Getaway

Vacation! It’s fun, exciting, and a time to get away from it all. It always helps to have some money aside to cater to your vacation expenses and avoid getting into debt. With a little planning, you can bulk up your savings and be ready for your next vacation in style.

Here are some smart ways to start saving for your next vacation.

Open a Vacation Savings Account

A great way to save for a trip is to open a Vacation Club account through Bragg Mutual Federal Credit Union. After opening the account, set up automatic payments into the account and leave it there until your next trip.

Have a Spending Plan

Take time to create a budget and allocate specific amounts for all your expenses, including food, energy bills, shopping, gym membership, etc. All this will enable you to track your spending and help you know where to cut back or even eliminate your spending.

Cut Back On Spending

To save extra money, consider tightening spending in other budget categories. For example, your monthly manicure, trips to the movies, or eating out every so often can be overlooked. Look for cheaper local entertainment venues that can provide a pleasant experience.

Get a Side Hustle

Look for a side gig outside your regular job and funnel the extra money you make into your vacation fund. Start by determining what skills you can apply, whether its web designing, online writing, or babysitting, and find job opportunities.

You can grow your travel fund and turn your dream adventure into a reality. With a Bragg Mutual FCU Vacation Club account, saving money for your next trip can be made possible. We encourage you to open an account today and start transferring money to save up for your vacation. Contact us at 910-222-1500 to learn more.

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