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Budgeting for Your Kid’s Activities

Extra-curricular activities are a fantastic opportunity that significantly enhances a child’s physical, social, and academic development. However, with so much to try, kid’s activities can be considerably expensive, especially if you have multiple children. While we all want the best for the kids, sometimes it requires making financial sacrifices to make it work. Creating a budget for after-school activities can help make things much less strenuous. Here are a few tips on how to afford kids’ activities on a budget.

Narrow the Activities

Often, kids may show interest in an array of activities ranging from sports activities to artistic endeavors, cooking, or computers. Signing them up for all these activities can strain your wallet. Limit the number of activities by encouraging your kids to prioritize their interests so you keep your financial commitment within your budget.

Cut on Costs

Be wise with how you spend your money by finding ways to cut costs while letting your little one enjoy that exciting activity. For instance, you could look around for used or free equipment in local consignment shops, research local locations with smaller house leagues and recreation programs, or those providing financial aid or other kind of assistance to keep costs under control.

Add a Special Savings Line for Extracurricular Activities

Why not start saving early for your kid’s summer camp or after school programs? With a Bragg Mutual Federal Credit Union Kickoff Club account, you can save money this fall and winter for spring and summer activities and let that money work even harder for you. Just figure out how much is needed and divide the amount with the total number of months you want to save up.

Watch your kids develop into confident, well-rounded young adults with a bit of planning and budgeting. Schedule an appointment to open your Kickoff Club account at

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