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Saving for Vacation Made Easy

We all love summer vacation! There is nothing better than sitting on a beach with white sand, listening to the ocean, and reading your favorite book. It is never too soon to start saving for next summer, even if you are soaking up the sun right now on a summer vacation. It is never too soon to start saving for next summer, even if you are soaking up the sun right now on a summer vacation. 

Saving for a vacation can be difficult. It is tempting to withdraw a little here and a little there from your savings account, but when vacation time rolls around, you may have dipped in a few too many times!

The best way to save for next year’s vacation is to open a dedicated savings account. Dedicated savings accounts are designed for you to save for a specific short-term goal like a vacation, holiday shopping, or even tax season.  The savings account can be set up with automatic deposits but differs from ordinary savings accounts because it has withdrawal limitations.  To deter temptation, our dedicated savings accounts allow for withdrawals once a month.  Once you withdraw your money, you can continue to deposit money and start saving for your next goal.

Open A Vacation Club Account

Bragg Mutual Federal Credit Union members saving for a summer holiday can open a Vacation Club (dedicated savings account) for that special occasion.  A Vacation Club account can be opened at any time with a ten-dollar minimum deposit.  Additionally, there is no fee and no minimum account balance on the Vacation Club account.  The account allows for a once a month withdrawal.  Bragg Mutual Federal Credit Union is here to help you save for your next exciting vacation.

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