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How to Help Your Credit Score – Removing Derogatory Marks

Bragg Mutual Federal Credit Union is here to help with the expenses of every stage of life.  We offer the most competitive rates in the industry on auto loans, mortgages, home equity lines of credit, and more.  

Qualifying for the best loan rate depends on your credit report.  Your credit report and score are vital for approval. Derogatory remarks such as collections activity or undesirable payment history damage your credit score and indicate that you have not paid loans in the past.  A bad credit report makes future lenders hesitant.

Removing derogatory remarks will make you more attractive to lenders.  Review financial accounts for negative payment history, this includes home loans, rental payments, car loans, credit cards, cellular bills, utility bills, student loans, IRS payments, court fees, and medical bills.  If any negative remarks are mistakes, file a dispute with documentation to remove the error.

Even if the remark is true, you can request its removal.  At the end of the day, lenders just want their payment.  Negotiate for the removal of red flags on your credit score by paying the account in full.  Remarks that you are unable to negotiate are removed after seven years by law.  Maintaining seven years of clean credit is the best way to improve your credit report.

Removing derogatory remarks takes time.  If you need a future loan, be aware of your credit report and work toward improving it.  The loan officers at Bragg Mutual Federal Credit Union will answer your questions about the loan process and your credit report.

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